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Unstaffed Hints & Tips


Here are 6 tips on how to make sure you are safe when the gyms are unstaffed:

  1. Unstaffed File – read our unstaffed file on how to stay safe when the gym is unstaffed.

  2. Good health - it is crucial that you are 'fit to train'. If you have any conditions or illnesses that might be a risk, it is best to get advice on how to exercise while staying safe.

  3. Exercise knowledge – some equipment or exercises may be complex, especially the first time you try them. We have instructions on much of our equipment so take time to understand how to use them. If you need an induction, you can book a 1-2-1 session with a PT* and you can find out more about the best way to get started at Bangor Barbell

  4. Know your gym – get familiar with the layout and equipment, know where the emergency help points are (you will find them around the gym), where the emergency exits are. These are extra important if you train through the night and are on your own in the gym. 

  5. Seek Help – if you ever feel unwell, injure yourself or are concerned for your wellbeing, get help! If our team aren't on hand, call for another member. We have a remote CCTV team in place 24/7 who will be able to support you.  just call us.

  6. Bring a friend – where you can, training with friends is not just more fun, but you'll have someone to watch your back. Of course, this may not be possible (especially if you train late at night or in the morning), so keeping other members close to hand in case you need some support is a simple alternative.

* 1-2-1 session with PT does incur an additional cost to be paid directly to the PT 



We want to make sure we keep Bangor Barbell a safe and pleasant environment for everyone to workout. However, there are times when your gym will be unstaffed. However, there are times when your gym will be unstaffed.

View your gym’s unstaffed hours here:

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