24 Hour access explained

Frequently asked questions

How do I get 24 Hour access

You must be a member of the gym with a key fob or join the gym for 1 month minimum term to gain access to a key fob

How do I join the gym?

You must email info.bangorgym@gamil.com or fill out the form on this website to request an open time for an appointment window for someone to deal with your joining request.

What time is the gym open without a key fob?

Times are not set in stone but usualy.. Monday 10am - 7pm Tuesday 1.30pm - 7pm Wednesday 10am - 7pm Thursday 1.30pm - 7pm Friday 10am - 7pm saturday - sunday CLOSED These are also the times that joining appointmets are available

Can I have 24 hour access without membership?


What is in the info/Starter Pack

* A Key fob registered to you * A Health Screening Questionnaire * Step by Step guide to finalise your joining